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साहित्य कला परिषद्

Sahitya Kala Parishad

A cultural wing of Govt. of Delhi

Shri Arvind Kejriwal
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Ms. Atishi
Hon'ble Minister (Chairperson, SKP)
Thumri Festival 2023

26-28 December, 2023
Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi

The festival was inaugurated by chief guest Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj, Minister of Art, Culture, and Language, Delhi.

Addressing the audience, Shri Bhardwaj said, “The Thumri Festival stands as a testament to our dedication to preserving and promoting Delhi’s rich cultural heritage. This celebration of Thumri is not just a musical event but a bridge that connects us to our artistic roots. We transcend time and embrace the everlasting richness that binds our cultural tradition together via Thumri’s musical melodies. Let this music reach out to all, and let’s appreciate the melodies of Thumri.”

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On the first day, the festival commenced with an ethereal performance by Padmaja Chakraborty, who skillfully wove the audience into the rich cultural weave of Thumri and Dadra. Her performance was a sublime fusion of tradition and innovation that featured some of the enchanting renditions, starting with Thumri’s ‘Pardesi Balam, Preet Kiye Chala Jaaye’ in Raga Mishra, Kafi-Pilu, and Jat Taal. This was followed by a Dadra, ‘Tum Bin Nind Na Aaye Sawariya’ in Raga Mishra, Kirwani, and Kaharwa Taal. Her next was ‘Deewana Kiye Shyam Kya Jaadu Dara’, a Dadra in Raga- Mishra Bhairav, Dadra Taal. She ended her performance with a Jhula – ‘Jhula, Dheere Se Jhulao Banwari Re, Sawariya’ sung in Raga- Mishra Tilak Kamod, Kaharwa Taal.

The mesmerising evening continued with the soulful renditions of Padmashri recipient, Dr. Soma Ghosh, from Banaras Gharana. She started her performance with ‘Piya Ke Avan Ki Aas’ in Mishra Pilu Thumri. This was followed by Khamaj Thumri’s ‘Aiso Nithur Mora Shyam Na Aaye’. Later, she presented Thumri in Raga Khafi: ‘Holi Khele Nahi Jaane’ followed by a Kajri geet: ‘Aare Rama Rimjhim Barse Paniya’. She continued her performance with a Tappa- ‘Virade Janiya’ in Raag Kafi, and concluded it with a Dadra- Humri Atariya Pe Aao’.

Day one was concluded with the captivating voice of Vidushi Ashwini Bhide Deshpande, representing the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana. She started her performance with a Bandish ki thumri ‘Nadiya Bairee Bhee’ of Raag Des followed by Nirguniya Bhajan ka dadra ‘Sundar Saaree Moree’ in Taal Dadra. As the evening continued, Ashwini Ji sang two Dadra back-to-back. First ‘Ja Bairi Ja Badra’ in Raag Chandrakauns and another one popularised by begum Akhtar ‘Ho Gaee Beriya Piya Ke Aavana ki” which was based on raga Kirwani in Deepachandi Taal. Her performance came to an end with a Bhairavi ‘Rab Tohe Bhoole Naahi Bane’.

On the second day at Kamani Auditorium, the evening unfolded with the Pt. Vishwanath taking centre stage, captivating the audience with his mesmerising renditions that immediately transcended the audience into a world of music. His performance commenced with a soulstirring Thumri in Raag Mishra Pilu, ‘Sainya Na Hi Aae Ri Mori Aali,’ followed by a poignant Dadra in Raag Mishra Pahaadi, ‘Lagi Re Manava Mein Chot.’ The ethereal tunes of Thumris, ‘Sajanava Tum Kya Jaano Preet’ and ‘Yaad Piya Ki Aae,’ further immersed the audience in the beauty of classical music. Concluding with a Dadra, ‘Aaya Karo Zara Kah Do Saanvariya Se,’ and the poignant Thumri, ‘Aae Na Baalam Ka Karoon Sajani,’ Pandit Vishwanath left the spectators spellbound.

Following this, Vidushi Shruti Sadolikar-Katkar graced the stage, creating an enchanting musical aura. Her performance featured a Kafi composition, ‘Sneh lagio moso shyam sundar ko,’ transitioning into ‘Kya much lekar jaun’ in Raag Pilu, and concluding with a Dadra, ‘Aan baan Jiya mein lagi,’ and a Thumri, ‘Dil leke mujhe badnaam kia.’ Shruti Sadolikar-Katkar’s rendition beautifully encapsulated the essence of Thumri, showcasing finesse and grace.

The dynamic duo of Padmabhushan Pt. Sajan Misra and Shri Swaransh Mishra brought the festival to a grand finale, presenting a unique repertoire of Thumri and Dadra rooted in the rich heritage of the Benaras Gharana. Their authentic renditions in various ragas and taals highlighted the sublime artistry of the Benaras Gharana, leaving an indelible mark on the festival’s second day. Culminating in a crescendo of musical brilliance, the third day of the festival showcases the vibrant vocals of Ms. Pooja Goswami and the distinctive style of Ms. Sushri Sucheta Ganguly. The festival culminates in a grand finale led by the legendary Pandit Ajay Pohankar, showcasing the Kirana gharana’s brilliance in a musical journey spanning six decades alongside Abhijit Pohankar.

If you are an art lover and like to witness our events, please share your contact with us. You will be notified before the major events organized.

If you are an art lover and like to witness our events, please share your contact with us. You will be notified before the major events organized.